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Sponsor Highlight! Hill Country Pharm Haus

There are many people in this world that have become an integral part of the Steele River Band family! Agents, family members, friends, stage hands, sound engineers, etc... they all deserve recognition for their unwavering support in us and what we are trying to accomplish! Today we highlight Chris Moss and Hill Country Pharm Haus!

I met Chris when Jillian and I moved here in 2018. He was still operating the Hill Country Truck Store and Firearms (he still does but in a more limited capacity). Jillian and I were interested in getting our license to carry permits and we were both in the market for new hand guns. Chris has always been a warm an inviting person to us, and one of the people who made the transition in locations much easier.

Many conversations and a few purchases later (for those who know Jillian and me, we spend money like a bleeding pig sometimes) a friendship was born. My conversations with Chris lead to his new business, Hill Country Pharm Haus, becoming a chief sponsor of Steele River Band. But this post isn't bout what he does for the group or what we "get out of it". This post is about letting the world know that there are good people in this world.

Hill Country Pharm Haus is a CBD shop. This is not your run of the mill operation where they sell a bunch crap they've never used. This isn't sold by people who don't really know where it comes from. This is an operation, built by a man with a vision. This is a product that is grown and developed right here in the heart of Texas hill country. Chris Moss is genuinely and sincerely concerned and cares about the health and well being of every single person who walks through the front doors of any of his locations.

Now you may be asking yourself, Patrick why does any of this matter? This is why. I am not only proud to call this man my friend, I am a satisfied customer and user of his products. Jillian and I both use 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, DAILY. For both of us it has cured and helped with many issues. I wont discuss those issues here, but if you would like to discuss them further with either of us, we are always open to discussion. We know it WORKS.

Not only do I believe in the products, I believe in the man behind and responsible for the products. My advice to anyone out there, BEFORE you turn to prescriptions (which we all know are harmful and in some cases addicting) check in with Chris Moss at Hill Country Pharm Haus. He will have something for you, that if given a real chance will help you and your ailments. And in the end , who knows, you may come out with a friend and Brother for life like Jillian and myself have found.

Check them out at

Have a blessed day Y'all!

Patrick Steele

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