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Sponsor Highlight!!! Impact Picks

It's about time I finally stop playing all that music (Sarcasm) and talk about another one of our fantastic sponsors! This sponsor highlight is about Impact Picks and their founder Keith Dillon. Now, I have unfortunately never had the chance to meet up with Keith in person. However, I can tell you his product and his support for Steele River Band has been nothing short of amazing. I used to the same picks for years. However, once I was introduced to Impact Picks, that all changed. I don't tend to call myself a gear nerd, but I am definitely what some call in the business a "Gear Slut". I like the best of the best and I am always looking for it.

Upon speaking with Keith for the first time he sent me out a sample pack of a bunch of different picks to try out. I was able to pick out exactly which product would work for me. It was a much easier process than going to the music store and rummaging through the pick menagerie that they usually have out on the counter. After trying out the different picks I settled on my favorite which to no surprise was basically the same feel and playability as the picks that I had played with for so long.

My custom picks hold up show after show and I have yet to break one during a show. Now keep in mind that I am in no way a shredder on guitar. But there is nothing more infuriating to me then when you are in the middle of a song and your pick snags and breaks on a string. With Impact Picks the only reason I usually have to switch to another pick is because a fan comes up and asks for one as a souvenir.

Keith is always prompt in getting new stock to me when needed and sometimes if he hasn't heard from me in a while a new order just shows up. Now that is customer service. The best way I can put it is how the man himself says it. "Play Like You Mean It!"

If you are in the market for awesome picks and want to support an even better person, get in touch with Keith Dillon at Impact Picks. You will be so glad that you did!

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