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Just Checking In...

I know things today aren't what we are all used too. I miss the road, I miss the stage. I miss the comaraderie with my band mates. However, I have been able to spend amazing quality time with my soon to be wife, Jillian. We have been able to spend real time with our friends outside of the realm of night life, truly enjoying our time together. We ride, we do FRANMILY (yes i know that's not a word) dinners and game nights. We all miss the way things were, but we know we will get back to those days. Even though this too shall pass, I am hopeful that when it does we will remember to take the time to enjoy each others company. That we will still take that ride. That we will still have that dinner, or that game night. We must all remember that we are in this together. All we have is one another. So treat each other with love and respect. Be kind.

Have a blessed day Y'all!

God Bless!

Just Checking In...

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Just Checking In...

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